How to Avoid Decision Fatigue in Your Design Project

How to Avoid Decision Fatigue in Your Design Project

Tips for Navigating the Endless Choices toward a Beautiful Design

We’ve all heard the puzzle- story about fitting an assortment of rocks, pebbles and sand into a jar.  The solution is that the largest rocks must go in first, followed by all remaining rocks in decreasing size.  

The analogy gets applied surrounding discussions of priorities.  What items are most important (largest rocks) go in first because otherwise there isn’t enough room if the smaller things fill the space first. How can this help on your Interior Design Project?

To Avoid Decision Fatigue in your New Construction or Remodel project – think of your choices in the same manner.  Plotting out your Non-Negotiables and setting your Design Direction early will prevent you from choosing a random just ok chandelier at the end because (you think) you just don’t care anymore.

Big Rocks – favorites, the Non-Negotiable items.

These are key to setting the Design Direction so identify what is most important to you as you design your new home and let all other choices stem from here.  Organize these rocks visually in a place you can refer to throughout the project.  

Design inspiration
Design Direction Board by ERI

Next Rocks – all choices that are necessary for the project but can be overwhelming if you don’t have a direction.  Just like in the jar metaphor, tackle these rocks in order of size.  The size is determined by what is most important to you.

There may be 4 bathroom tile options that you would be thrilled to have in your new home – but spending the time to analyze them all takes time.  Repeating this exercise 30 more times for 30 other choices is just plain exhausting. This is where the fatigue begins.  Don’t do that. Instead, choose the first option in the budget that makes those Big Rocks shine.

Sand – all the necessary details that hold the project together – sometimes literally.

These are choices like the grout for the tiles, the color temperature of your lighting, what type of rug pad you prefer.  Who wants to jump into that boring stuff when you are just SO READY to be done?

The key to avoiding decision fatigue is to not wait until these questions need answers to start thinking about them.

Each room can feel like it has 927 choices to make – know each of them early! At ERI we are making notes of all of these details throughout the entire design process so they are living in a spreadsheet ready to hand the contractor.

In summary – to avoid decision fatigue on your project, know what is most important to you. Have a plan to stick with those Big Rocks, let all the smaller rocks support your plan and be prepared for all of the granular, tedious questions at the end.

Still overwhelmed?

We can help. Let us take the fatigue away and design a space where your design choices will shine.

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