How do you work? What’s the process?

We start with Conceptual Design. In this phase, we assess the current space by taking measurements and photos and documenting any items that will be staying. We then create the ideal floor plan to get the best layout while creating inspiration boards to communicate the vision for the project. During this phase, ERI will host a “Trade Day” at your home to consult with our trades and vendors to discuss options and get accurate quotes.

The second phase is Detailed Design. In this phase we will select each item, receive written quotes from all trades and vendors, and finalize floor plans. ERI will also draw the relevant elevations, floor plans, and construction drawings that will be used to execute the design.

The final phase is Purchasing and Execution. During this time ERI will place orders, assess delivery times, and coordinate receiving of the items. Construction timelines will be prepared and coordinated with the contractors and vendors. When ready, ERI will provide turnkey furniture installation and styling.

How long does it take to completely finish a space?

While each project may vary slightly depending on the size, we do keep to a systematic timeline for the design process. Most projects require about 12 weeks in the design phase. How long until you get to host that fabulous party? We will have to chat about that as we discuss the size and scope and if this supply chain thing has gotten any better!

Who takes care of inspecting furniture for damage, following up on orders, talking to contractors, managing installation, etc.?

We’ve got you. This is a non-glamorous, but oh-so-important part of every project. We work with local receivers who inspect all deliveries and keep us updated on every arrival. ERI also coordinates with contractors to make sure designs are implemented and we manage your installation so you truly come home to a fully refreshed space.

How will you figure out my aesthetic?

We ask! That sounds simple, but it’s really just good listening. In the first section of your project, we spend time evaluating input from you and visually repeat back what we hear. And then…we elevate it, working to think about how this space would be uniquely yours.

Should we do everything at once? How will we know what to prioritize?

That would be so great, right? If it works with your time and budget, all at once is just lovely. At the very least, we suggest designing the whole space at once even if we need to execute the project room by room.

How do I know I should hire an interior designer?

You’re ready if you want your space to feel radiant, thoughtful, and uniquely yours. Hire us if you want all of that—plus someone to handle all of the details.

How do we determine a realistic budget to achieve what we have in mind?

ERI continuously looks at the historical data of previous projects and uses this information to estimate investment amounts. Your budget is VERY important to us, so we prefer to be upfront with expected costs from day one. You have to know where you’re heading, right?

What’s the fee structure?

Our approach is based on a flat design fee plus all purchasing and installation going through Elizabeth Ryan Interiors. After an initial meeting, we will share these fees in a formal proposal. Again, we talk numbers early and often.

Does Elizabeth Ryan Interiors, LLC have a minimum project size?

We currently have a three-room minimum project size. Our New Build and Renovation projects also require a minimum furnishings budget.

When can you start?

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors is currently scheduling projects for Summer 2024!

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