What is Coming in 2024 – Color Trends

What is Coming in 2024 – Color Trends

Soft, Saturated and… Brown??

Warm, earthy tones continue to lead the interior color trends. Cheerful but chill, soft and cozy.

Paint Coffee Date Lifestyle Clare Paints Brown
Clare Paints “Coffee Date” is the modern warm brown we all need.

A year after graduating college, Adam Ryan and I rented an adorable duplex in the M Streets of Dallas. We had typical apartment furniture. One day, I decided brown was THE color I needed ALL OVER our home. But you can’t paint a rental so I applied Benjamin Moore’s Clinton Brown to every bit of Target flimsy furniture. It was great.

This was over 20 years ago, and as it does, collective color preferences change. Brown had a minute, but was put back on the shelf. Well friends, it’s coming back!

We’ve had a few years of the cheerful, chill Southwest tones, so it makes sense that we would lean a little more into this rich and cozy tone.

In 2024, design professionals predict a resurgence of the color brown in residential interior design. This trend can be attributed to a cultural shift towards embracing natural and earthy elements in our living spaces. Brown, a color often associated with nature, warmth, and comfort, is experiencing a renaissance in interior design as people seek to create cozy and inviting environments within their homes.

This designer is not quite ready for the full shades of brown spaces everywhere. Instead, it could be incredibly successful to wrap a space in head to toe latte tones walls with soft, complimentary marigolds and pinks.

paneled living room painted light brown, tufted gold velvet sofa and peach velvet arm chairs

Warm colors are heading our way, but you get to choose if these tones fit your personal design style. Always surround yourself in design choices that feel like you – these will be the most successful spaces, trend or not.

With its timeless appeal and ability to create a sense of warmth and comfort, the comeback of brown in residential interior design is a reflection of our desire to create inviting and sustainable living spaces in 2024. Is this a color for you? Take our personal design style quiz and see how you might apply it!

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