Classic Elegance: Timeless Interior Design Renovations

Classic Elegance: Timeless Interior Design Renovations

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Elegance is designed for beauty that keeps your home out of trend-chasing and gives you something that defies time. Whether you’re new to renovating or eager to hone your skills, there are countless ways to include elegance in your design.

These are some of the top ideas to follow and why elegance is more detailed than you may think.

Adding Touches of Luxury Throughout

Luxury, especially quiet luxury, is a great way to pull elegance to the front of mind without being too ostentatious or fussy.  Thoughtful luxurious details in your home, no matter how small, will create an elegant space. Including thoughtful details like a heated countertop ,heated bathroom floors or a lighted mirror can make seamless changes to daily life.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive items to make luxury feel real in your home, but instead, focus on high-quality items that are as utilitarian as they are beautiful.  Think about the moments where you want to spoil yourself and focus on adding elegance there.


Remembering Natural Colors and Textures

All-white may have been popular in the 2010s, but in the 2020s, we’re returning to color.  At ERI we are all about helping you find the perfect timeless color palette for YOU. Trends we are seeing are that natural tones and beautiful earthy colors are being integrated more and more into these palettes.  You can still have white counters and pops of your most favorite tones, but natural wood cabinets, seating, and details have also been highly sought after.

Keeping Things Easy to Manage

Maintenance is something that can eat away at the feeling of elegance until it’s no longer there. It’s not elegant to have to scrub your grout every time you rinse out a coffee cup. 

Go with materials that are resistant to dust and water and that have staying power.  On the interior, don’t select the beautiful linen shade for your teenage daughter’s bathroom if you know there is potential for many products to be sprayed.  Instead get the wipeable glass option.  On the exterior choose windows with amazing seals, and try to select factory finished siding instead of options painted on site.

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Using Natural Light

Natural light has been extremely popular for eons, and that isn’t changing any time soon! Welcome it into your home wherever possible. When you don’t have a window in a space, consider a sky light to bring the natural light in!  

For the ultimate in elegance plus ease, consider setting up smart windows or curtains that will open to welcome the day and then close to protect your privacy as the sun sets.

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Cutting Down On Distractions

Distractions can be frustrating when you’re trying to relax. Nobody thinks of the sound of traffic when they’re imagining an elegant home. Noise-canceling materials, like acoustical wood panels, can take your property a long way. 

Insulation in interior walls will add an additional layer of elegance when house hold noises are kept to their respective rooms.  Consider adding insulation during your powder bathroom renovation or to any room with a napping child.  Although it’s impossible to block out every single possible sound ever, taking steps to block out most of it can go a long way.

Remember to Know When to Ask for Help

One of the biggest mistakes people make when renovating is assuming that they know how to do everything and avoiding seeking help on large projects. Although it’s easy to assume you can do one project because you succeeded at a different one, if there’s the chance of losing large amounts of money because you assumed incorrectly, you shouldn’t attempt it alone.

Professionals in your area can help you create your elegant dream property and can even give you tips on what’s been selling well in your location instead of allowing yourself to guess. This is also a great way to ensure the project is completed according to your timeline instead of lasting months or years because there’s no structure.

Elegance Is a Top Selling Concept

Whether you’re well versed in elegance or new to the idea and you want to perfect it, following these tips will set you ahead. Consider working with Elizabeth Ryan Interiors to bring your property to the next level.

Author BioAndrea Erickson is a freelance writer who loves sharing her knowledge and expertise in renovation and Interior Design. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Andrea’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a construction industry resource site.

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