Project Jade and Jewel Tones: Adding Personality to a Fresh, Neutral Home

Project Jade and Jewel Tones: Adding Personality to a Fresh, Neutral Home

We all love the fresh, crisp new build home…

they are timeless, they don’t offend, there is so much potential to embellish! But…

It can be extremely intimidating to add color, texture and interest to a fresh, neutral home. Where to begin, what if we don’t like it, and how do we keep that light, bright vibe we sought out?

This was part of the story that began Project Jade and Jewel Tones. The home was custom and beautiful – wonderful details selected by Dallas Builder Shaddock Custom. The owners lived in the space for a year, really taking the time to decide what furnishings needs they had as well as what places they craved more color and texture. Specifically, rich jewel tones.

To successfully blend the light, bright details with the rich jewel tones, Elizabeth Ryan Interiors created a palette with plenty of medium tones to bridge the gap.

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors Light Dining Room Dallas Custom Builder

The Dining Room shows off many rich details in medium toned hues. Grasscloth, linen and a warm wool rug are lighter elements that don’t feel stark.

Some other ways we incorporated Rich Colors in a Light Home:

The darkest, most bold colors were used sparingly. Until they weren’t.

Comfortable recliners were the perfect spot for the deep blue accent the homeowners loved. These chairs will get the most use, so a rich color is perfect to increase longevity.

Builder Shaddock Dallas Kitchen Design

In contrast, the study got ALL the color. Warm green walls and navy built ins – this enclosed space was the perfect spot to flex.

Dallas Interior Designer Study green walls rich tones

Textural Neutrals

We love light and bright, we just like those light tones to also bring a level of warmth. The cerused bookcase, stone fireplace and wool rug are each bring depth.

Living Room Design Elizabeth Ryan Dallas warm neutrals

The ticket to success in nailing a fresh traditional design is starting with what you love and building from there.

When we make room for our favorite design details and colors, the result is a home that feels like us. We can feel confident with the fresh, neutral new build knowing our own stamp will look amazing on it.

The one rule is to avoid a lot of the same—because who or what can be special in a world of the same?

Ready to incorporate fresh traditional in your space? Contact us.

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